Cross the distance


Move your brand from unaware to understood

Ideas are powerful. Ideas can change the world. But even the best ideas will have little impact if they are not communicated or understood.

Beyond making your ideas and your work visible, they must be presented in ways that will attract and resonate with your intended audiences. When someone feels a connection to what you’re saying, whether that's online, in print, or in real life, they will naturally move along a continuum of awareness, from having no idea you exist to becoming a loyal fan.

To paraphrase is to restate an idea in another form so that its meaning becomes clear. With expertise in both copywriting and graphic design, we can help you develop a complete verbal and visual message platform so that you're able to talk about your work with clarity, consistency, and confidence across all your communication channels.

verbal messaging

Translating ideas into text that’s appropriate for your website or use in other marketing materials can be challenging. With our copywriting services, we’ll help you develop a unified brand voice and gain the ability to deliver a repeatable, memorable, and consistent message throughout all your various communication channels. 

message platforms

website copy

email & social media campaigns

impact stories & case studies

business blog articles

presentation outlines

proofreading & copyediting

visual messaging

Writing the right words is half of it. Where it all comes together is putting the verbal messaging into visual context. Art and copy are intrinsically connected. With special attention to the text — whether we’ve written it or you deliver it to us layout-ready — we’re adept at developing many different types of communication tools that make your voice seen as well as heard.

company brand identity


digital & print publications

onesheets & brochures

email newsletters

presentation slidedecks

social media assets


If you're interested in learning more about what we and whether we're a good fit for your needs, please fill out our project inquiry form. Based on your responses, if it looks like there's strong potential for collaboration, we'll set up a complimentary 60-minute Discovery Session.