Master your message, rock your marketing


Whether you’re promoting a small business or a nonprofit, you CAN be a marketing-savvy rockstar.

Even if…

…you think “marketing” doesn’t come naturally to you.

…you’re not clear about what you do or who you’re for.

…you’ve tried it before and the experience was less than stellar.

…you don’t sell anything (but you still want to build a community or secure funding).

The key is to figure out your brand positioning and messaging—FIRST!

When you know your unique value and have the words to explain it, doing that marketing thing will be easier, more cost-effective, and way, WAY more successful.

You’ll have everything you need to create and deliver a consistent message across all channels.

You’ll quit wasting resources building websites and other marketing materials that don’t jive with you or your potential customers.

You’ll have alignment between what you say and how others perceive you.

Your clarity will attract the right customers and collaborators.

And your confidence will significantly boost your income and impact.

Marketing will feel natural and fun which means you’ll actually DO it! And when you do it, it will be so much more productive in all the ways that count.

This is how we get there…

step 1: content strategy
Find your brand's Star Power and chart your content course.
step 2: copywriting
Get the words to shine in any communication channel.
step 3: website build
Draw prospects into orbit with a customer-loving website.

I’m Lisa—your guide inside the crazy constellation of marketing tools and opportunities.  

I help entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders translate their work into words and images that raise their visibility, broaden their reach, and grow their revenues.

Having done many content strategy and design projects over the past 20 years, the number one marketing mistake I consistently see people make is trying to do marketing BEFORE they’ve dialed in their positioning or their messaging.

As important as design is to making ideas more visible, understandable, and shareable, design cannot solve the problem of murky brand value and vague, uninspiring words.

That’s when this journalism-degree holding designer finally said enough's enough! Now it’s words first—always. Once you can explain what you do in a way that’s clear and uncomplicated, and persuasive without feeling manipulative, THEN—and only then—are you ready to build a website or run an email campaign or sell that program and expect success.

You could work with one copywriter, a different designer, and yet another web developer. Or you can work with me and get it all under one roof. I make it really Easy. Enjoyable. Effective. Just like your marketing will be.



What do you do when someone asks…
“So what do you do?”

A) Smile with confidence as the answer rolls effortlessly off your tongue.

B) Enthusiastically launch into a sprawling monologue of your business history, service offerings, and process.

C) Seize up in horror because (dang it, you hate this question!) your answer always has you sounding like a scatter-brained sixth-grader.

If you answered B or C, let's fix that! Get your hands on my free workbook: Define Your Brand’s Star Power. You'll discover your unique value and create a winning response that will have someone say, "Oh? Tell me more!"