The non-writers Guide to

Writing Copy for Your Website

Thursday, February 16
10-11am PT


Are you about to embark on a website redesign and planning to revise all the copy for it yourself?

Or are you in the middle of writing and rewriting the text for your website and ready to pull your hair out? 

Are you building a new website and not sure where to start with creating the content for it?

The hardest part about building a new website or redesigning one seems like it would be the back-end programming and development. The technology can be complicated for sure. But by far the most difficult aspect of creating a new website is coming up with the words that will go on the pages. Because the words are the start of it all. Without the words, you cannot make the decisions necessary to have a successful presentation of information and optimal user experience. And the design and functionality will dramatically affect how the words are organized and understood. That’s the truly complicated part about building a website. There’s no way to separate design and content and approaching them as two separate things gets everyone and everything in a tangle.

Join us for a no-cost online presentation that will deconstruct the complexity of writing copy for websites. Whether you’re doing it yourself or you hire a professional writer to create the words for you, knowing how to write your website copy — at least a solid draft version — will enable you to make the right decisions about how your website should function and feel. This presentation is geared for in-house marketing professionals, small business owners, and organizations who want to understand and improve their odds for a successful website project outcome. You’ll learn: 

  • the basic ingredients of all customer-centric websites.
  • how to keep your website budget- and marketing-savvy (hint—it has to do with the writing!).
  • how to write well-structured content for your company overview and product/service pages.
  • what microcopy is and why it’s very important to pay attention to it.
  • what the process from idea to implementation should look like and what pitfalls to avoid along the way.
  • how to involve others on your team in the writing.
  • how to get the most out of working with a professional copywriter or content strategist if/when you hire one to help you.

Can’t attend live? No problem. Register anyway. A recording of the session will be available to everyone who does.



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