If you're ready to…

Create an elegant website with exactly what you need to connect & convert —

without spinning wheels, bleeding cash, or tech trauma.


Getting a website up and running can be complicated, time consuming, and costly…when you’re struggling with the tech or can’t find a reliable, reasonable developer or trying to figure out words to go on the page and where.

Ugh, that stinks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if creating your website was more like this:

Instead of beating on it for months, it’s ready to launch in three weeks.

Instead of trying to learn code (when you have a million other things you’re already doing for your business), your website could do what you needed it to rather… automagically.

Instead of staring at a blank screen wondering what to write next after “Hi, I’m Sam…”, you use writing templates to help the words flow and make your message clear.

Instead of guessing how all the pieces should fit together so your site is marketing-savvy vs. messy, you have a clear structure to follow that’s proven to convert interest into income.

Instead of spending hours you don’t have looking for a good theme and plug-ins you can’t find, someone had that all figured out for you.

Instead of that inward wince every time someone says they’ve been to your website, you feel dang proud—like baby-took-her-first-steps kind of proud.

What if instead of some mashed together or slick-but-impersonal website, yours was an authentic reflection of your business and a warm welcome to your ideal customer.


What if you didn’t need to write pages and pages of content or install lots of fancy-but-fluffy functionality to do this?



Sales-smart Website Workshop

Write and build a high-converting website that helps generate confidence, clients, and cash.


— Starts June 26, 2019 —


In 3 weeks, have a high-converting website that will enable your prospective customers to:

… book a call …
… buy a service …
… enroll in a course …
… sign-up for your email list …
… register for an event …
… or whatever is the specific next step that you’d like them to take.

Following a specific structure for high-converting landing pages and with full support from copy to launch, you can create a beautiful, streamlined website in weeks instead of months.

No more getting sidelined by shiny objects or swallowed up by tech rabbit holes. You’re going to have a website that works FOR you instead of you working for it.


The Sales-smart Website Workshop brings copy & design together into a complete do-it-together program.

No piecing things together from different sources creating a lot of stalls and false-starts.

There are programs out there that help you write website copy. There are ones that help you build your website.

But it’s rare to find a program like this that combines the writing, design, website development, and tech support into one system.

You’re gonna get it all with one teacher who knows how to blend the verbal and visual messaging components together.


Hi, I’m Lisa Mullis.

I help service-based pros like coaches, consultants, and educators come across clear and confident with their messaging and on their websites. Once they sound and look like the experts they are and their unique value is obvious, connecting with their ideal customers is a whole lot easier, more successful, and fun.

As copywriter and designer with 20+ years of experience, I walk both sides of the messaging world. This means I bring a level of unity and consistency to developing brand messaging and visual identity that is rarely found.

Design and writing have been twin passions of mine since I was a kid enrolled in after-school art classes and scribbling out cheesy fantasy stories. In university, I taught a graphic design lab and ran a side gig editing classmates’ papers while earning my journalism degree.

I’ve been building websites since way back in the days of straight-up HTML and doing print and digital design for even longer. I also come from a family of educators and entrepreneurs. Blend all this together and you’ve got someone who’s gonna give you the complete picture AND help you bring the text and tech together so you create a fun and functional high-converting website.


Lisa explained what she was doing and why and in a way that made sense, but also taught me how I can continue with things on my own — feels empowering. She offered her expertise and input but allowed me to use my voice and have my opinions.


In this small group intensive workshop you’re going to…


  • Use a proven formula to develop the content most essential to your ideal prospects and clients.

  • Follow writing prompts and templates to create high-converting copy.

  • Present your offering clearly with a compelling call to action.

  • Get real-time feedback on your writing in a safe, encouraging environment.

…Design & Build:

  • Create a mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, commerce-ready website. No design or coding skills required!

  • Get oriented to the Squarespace administration interface.

  • Work with a flexible template that eliminates the time-sucking guesswork for what will look great and perform well across multiple devices.

  • Create and update basic web pages with different layouts.

  • Learn how to adjust fonts, colors, and other style features to further customize your site to your brand.

  • Integrate email, social media, and other tools to help grow your business.

  • Get guidance on sourcing and vetting high-quality affordable design assets.


  • Get your site to a “state of readiness” so you feel good about making it public.

  • Pre-flight your site so you don’t miss anything when you go live.

  • Learn how to expand your site with additional functionality like a blog or events calendar so it can grow with you as your business evolves.



Our website is what I aspired to but didn't think we'd ever have the budget for. I

t looks elegant and reads beautifully and communicates so much more of who we are and what we do than I ever hoped we could say.


Lisa is really good at providing prompting questions that could get me to think about the message more in order to get us to the best final product.


The Sales-smart Website Workshop is ideal for you if…

  • Your business is new and you know what you’re offering but haven’t built an online presence yet.

  • You’ve been working on a new website or a redesign and got stuck in the muck of tech or writing overwhelm.

  • You have a new offer and you need an effective sales page.

  • You’re ready to create your website quickly so you can get out there and do the real work, the work that matters and moves you.

  • You’re fired up and willing to do the work (don’t worry, I’ll make it as easy and fun as possible).

Your Sales-smart Website will feel true to you—who you are and how you talk and how you want to present yourself.



Workshop Schedule & Format

Kick off: week of June 17 – workshop prep & pre-party

Live Session #1: Wednesday, June 26, 11am–1pm EST – 2 hour (Write / Design & Build Training)

Live Session #2: Friday, June 28, 11am–12:30pm EST – 90 min (Q&A / Hot Seats)

Live Session #3: Wednesday, July 3, 11am–12:30pm EST – 90 min (Launch Training / Q&A / Hot Seats)

All sessions will be conducted on Zoom using video and screen share.

All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t make it live, you can watch the replay inside your workshop area.

  • Three sessions over the course of two weeks enable us to pack it in and move quickly toward completion while momentum is high and ideas are fresh.

  • With two of those sessions Hot Seat style, you’ll get professional feedback & live editing on your content and design.

  • The intentionally small class size ensures I can give you solid hands-on support.

Ongoing support during the workshop and beyond

To make sure everyone has a chance to ask questions and get the help they need, I’ll be providing additional support between sessions inside a private Facebook Group. All grumblings about Facebook aside, it’s a great place for us to come together, learn from each other, and get feedback.

Website platform

The Sales-smart Website is built using Squarespace. Easier to learn and quicker to implement than WordPress, Squarespace offers hosting, back-ups, and software updates for a single, affordable subscription fee.

Plus, as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer and Circle Member, I’m able to give you my 20% discount on your first year with Squarespace.

Shortly after you sign up for the workshop, you’ll be sent an invitation to your own Squarespace website with a template I’ve pre-selected and prepared for you (don’t worry, this template is HIGHLY customizable so it’s not going to look like everyone else’s).

After 14+ years of building websites on many different platforms including WordPress, I exclusively build on Squarespace now for a wide variety of reasons. If you’d like an in-depth comparison between WordPress and Squarespace, you can read more here.


One of the things I really love about Lisa is she is multiple things in one. She knows marketing, design, and the technology that runs behind the scenes. She was a sounding board to me as I was contemplating changes and built confidence my decisions were the right ones.



Compared to how hard doing my marketing was before we did the message development vs. after, it was like night and day.




Enrollment ends: 5pm EST on Monday, June 17, 2019
Workshop begins: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

With the Sales-smart Website Workshop you’ll get…

  • A proven formula for the words and content organization for a high-converting website

  • Templates, cheatsheets, and swipe files to make the writing and design easier

  • Hands-on, real-time professional support with copywriting, design, and website back-end through three live training sessions

  • A fully set-up website pre-installed with a highly customizable template

  • Access to additional support between sessions and afterwards via the private Facebook group

  • Tech support with content management and integration with other software

  • 20% off the first year of your subscription with Squarespace (subscription includes hosting, security, back-ups, and regular software updates)

  • Training on how to extend your site with additional content sections, pages, or functionality as your business evolves over time


Questions you might have…

I can't make all the sessions. Will they be recorded?

All the sessions will be recorded and posted in our workshop homebase hours after the session has concluded. Besides the live sessions you'll find lots of help through guides, cheatsheets, and templates as well as supplemental video trainings. Plus, there's ongoing support through the private Facebook group where I'll be dropping in on the regular to answer questions and run Lives and demos.

What if I already have a website?

If you have a website but need to build out a sales page for your offer(s), this workshop will be great for you. If you're already on Squarespace, perfect, we can set everything up using your existing template. If you're on another platform, you'll be able to use the Squarespace website as a prototype for setting up a similar page on your own platform. You'll already have the text done and the content organized in the right format which makes it an easy hand-off to your web developer.

Lisa, this workshop looks great, but what if I want to use WordPress or I have a WordPress site already?

I worked on WordPress for a solid 7-8 years before switching over to Squarespace (eventually becoming a Squarespace Authorized Trainer). WordPress is a great platform, but I found over time for my clients and their needs, Squarespace has been a better fit.

That said, if you’re committed to WordPress and really interested in the workshop, there are a few reasons why this workshop will still be great for you:

  1. The majority of our focus in the workshop is on content—getting a new message dialed in or an existing one really tightened up. This is the part of any website project that most people are most challenged by. And all of that is independent of the platform you choose to build your website on. In other words, you will get a lot out of the program even if WP isn't our technical focus

  2. We can use the Squarespace template as a prototype—a detailed guide—for how to set things up in WordPress. I've done this before on several occasions for my WP-committed clients and it's worked really well. Because here's the deal, the trial period I get you for test-driving Squarespace is 6 months rather than the standard 2 weeks offered to the general public. That means you don't have to pay anything to Squarespace for having a prototype because you're going to be done with your website update or build in WP loooong before the 6 month trial period is up (we're going for 3 weeks, remember?).

  3. I'm happy to assist you with any technical issues you have on your website. While I won't be officially teaching WP-related things in the live sessions, we do have some Q&A time built into those AND we have a private Facebook group where you can also ask questions.

You mentioned prep work—how much is there? How long will it take me?

As with most things, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. If you've never contemplated your business value and proposition and you're unclear about who your ideal customer is, then you're better off waiting until the next time I offer this workshop so you can do that work first. You can add your name to the waitlist and I'll let you know the next workshop date.

If you have a general sense of your value and a pretty clear idea of your customer, then give yourself 2-3 hours to go through the pre-work. This is perfect work for a Friday or Saturday morning when the week's wound down and you're armed with a cup of coffee to get the creative vibe going.

What about website hosting fees or domain names or other costs I might incur?

Your Squarespace subscription covers hosting, security, back-ups, and software updates. It's all stuff that happens behind secret doors inside of boxes you'll never see and therefore you'll be none the wiser. Seriously, for the cost, it's a great deal. Plus you get my 20% discount for your first year of subscription. That works out to be just under $175 for the year with the discount, ~$216 annually thereafter. That's for the Business plan which is sufficient for almost everyone. The Biz Plan includes the ability to do ecommerce, have a blog, list events, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff—but I don't want you to get sidetracked with that right now (that's for later).

If you don't already have a domain name, you can get that through Squarespace FOR FREE for the first year. Good deal! If you do have a domain name, well then you already know it costs around $10-20/year for those.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take credit card payments through Stripe.

Do you offer refunds?

I want you to be completely satisfied with this workshop. I'll do everything I can to help you be successful and make your investment worth it. However, if you are not satisified with your purchase, I offer a full money-back guarantee within 5 days from the date of purchase. You may request your money back by emailing proof of purchase to You are not required to submit any proof that you have completed any work or meet any other requirements.

Still have questions? I’m all ears 👂👂👂. Hit me up at


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