Accelerated Success


Realignment of positioning and message leads to new projects

Lisa, what I really appreciated was your part in the process. From my perspective, you did the heavy lifting. I feel like we were able to lean on your expertise, benefit from it and that you supported and guided us without taking over.

I feel like we got a communications consultant first and foremost, who didn’t stress us with the technical stuff, but dealt with it in the background. The outcome is beyond what we imagined possible! I’m so grateful.
— Sue, Accelerated Success
I used the language we’ve been creating for a proposal I submitted last week. It was the fastest and most elegantly written proposal I’ve submitted. My client came back and said ‘it hits the mark’ — he’s never said that about a proposal before! Needless to say, we got the project so we’ve already recouped our expenses with you and we’re not even done yet!
— Sue, Accelerated Success
Our website is what I aspired to but didn’t think we’d ever have the budget for. You’ve made us look so contemporary. It looks elegant and reads beautifully and communicates so much more of who we are and what we do than I ever hoped we could say.
— Kevin, Accelerated Success