Step 1:

Plot your brand’s Star and chart your course



Cut through the clutter with a clear path for your brand positioning and messaging.

This is for you if…
  • You’ve started your business but don’t know where to go with your marketing.
  • You aren’t sure what you stand for or how to stand out in your space.
  • You feel like your marketing language is not quite on point, but can’t exactly say why.
  • You're tired of all the what-if, shoulds, and coulds making a mess of your message (not to mention your mind).
  • You’re experiencing a major shift in your business and need help recalibrating your positioning to your vision.
With a MessageMap you’ll…
  • Understand your unique value in the market place. (brand positioning)
  • Know which content and channels are right for you to attract and nurture new customers. (content strategy)
  • Know who your ideal customers are and how to get their attention and win their hearts.
  • Get easy action items you can do immediately to move things forward.

Gain the clarity and momentum you need to get your offer out into the world.

How MessageMapping works…
  1. Landscape — We kick-off with a 90 min. live intensive to survey the territory and plot the destination. On the agenda:

    • your brand's value, vision, and voice
    • your ideal client/customer
    • your offers
  2. Scouting Mission — I’ll review your website (if you have one) and any other marketing materials you’re currently using plus conduct desktop market research.

  3. Content Cartography — I’ll draft an outline for:

    • a brand position that will set you apart from others in your space
    • compelling calls to action
    • a structure for your service/product offers
    • content topics and a distribution strategy that will build awareness and relationships
  4. Checkpoint — We’ll reconvene for a 45 min. call to review your MessageMap so you feel prepared to take your next steps.

Timeframe: 2 days

$900 USD



What do you do when someone asks…
“So what do you do?”

A) Smile with confidence as the answer rolls effortlessly off your tongue.

B) Enthusiastically launch into a sprawling monologue of your business history, service offerings, and process.

C) Seize up in horror because (dang it, you hate this question!) your answer always has you sounding like a scatter-brained sixth-grader.

If you answered B or C, let's fix that! Get your hands on my free workbook: Define Your Brand’s Star Power. You'll discover your unique value and create a winning response that will have someone say, "Oh? Tell me more!"