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Wait… Would you like to know what info to give your prospects across other pieces in your marketing funnel to grow your know-like-trust factor?

The Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap shows you how.

What to say + when to say it


The Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap is a framework for developing marketing content so you can provide the right kind of information at the right time to gently, naturally lead a potential customer to a purchase decision.

With this roadmap you’ll…

  • Understand what your prospective customer is thinking and feeling at each step of the buying process.

  • Learn what sort of information will be most helpful to gracefully, naturally move prospects into the next stage.

  • Get a list of guiding questions to help you create stage-appropriate content so you can give your prospect value without overwhelm.

  • Know what sorts of marketing materials to have on hand at each stage so you can meet your soon-to-be customer wherever they are and gently nurture the relationship—without being icky, fake-y, or sales-y.

The Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap will help you help your customer to make a decision they feel good about. (And that will have you feeling good, too.)


7-day Risk-free Guarantee!

I’m confident the Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap is going to give you clear structure for how to approach your marketing and how to match all the information you’re eager to share with prospects to the stage they’re in. Well worth the small fee!

But if you don’t experience clarity and direction right away, you’ll get 100% of your money back guaranteed.