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WAIT… Would you like to know EXACTLY where and how to use your brand positioning so you stand out and attract the right people?

Imagine attracting perfect-for-you prospects who already know why you're perfect for them… before you even talk to them.

The fact is… Messaging matters.
It's everything.

You can be awesome at what you do, but if you're not conveying what makes your work distinct and valuable throughout all your marketing materials, you'll:
  • remain virtually (and I mean that literally) invisible and drown in the noise
  • get lumped with the masses, with folks who have far less experience than you
  • be passed over by prospects who you know are a great match and you could really help
  • nearly always have to compete on price since that's the only point of differentiation someone understands about you
  • have to defend your fees because your prospect can't understand why you charge what you do
  • bust your butt doing all the "right things" but still miss the mark with your outreach
  • keep overexplaining in an attempt to connect the dots for someone and totally confuse and lose them—not to mention tank your confidence
  • never be perceived as having the level of expertise and experience you truly do

When you showcase your brand's Star Power in high-impact areas of your marketing people will immediately understand your value and expertise.

It's one thing to know your brand's Star Power.

It's another thing to actually use it and with maximum effect.



Show Up & Stand Out


Leverage Your Brand's Star Power to Attract Ideal Clients, Amp Up Your Value, and Be the Clear Choice


Inside the Toolkit you get:

  • Video training that covers foundational concepts and how to use your brand positioning in high-impact situations like on your website, author/speaker bios, and introductions

  • a 20-page PDF full of real-world examples of strong positioning brand positioning for coaches, consultants, and educators—both solopreneurs and companies with teams—for copy and design inspiration

  • 6 fill-in-the-blank writing scripts so you don't have to start from scratch

  • a Google doc version of the scripts to make the writing process even easier

Plus! Professional feedback on your efforts:

  • With your purchase, you'll have access to my private Facebook group Master Your Message where you can post screenshots and links showing how you’ve applied your brand positioning statement to your own materials.

  • I will personally review what you post and offer recommendations for improvements—or give you kudos for nailing it on the first go! Since I’m a copywriter and designer, I’ll be looking at the words you’re using as well as how you’re packaging and presenting them.

  • You’ll also get lots of other resources, tips, and tools inside the group to help you strengthen your visual and verbal messaging so you can rock your marketing to grow your income and impact.


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Money-back Guarantee!

I’m confident this Toolkit is going to give you clear structure for how & where to message your brand’s Star Power so you are attracting the right-for-you clients and building your know-like-trust factor. Well worth the small fee!

But if you don’t experience clarity and direction right away, you’ll get 100% of your money back guaranteed. No questions asked and you can keep the Kit materials.