Highlighting success with unique collaboration of school districts


The Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) gives every school district in the state of Wisconsin equal access to digital learning resources regardless of size, location, or desired program options. Our client, Evergreen Education Group, was hired to help WDLC write its annual report which profiled online and blended learning activities of partner districts across the state. Because the report would be shared widely with people of varying degrees of familiarity with the content, what was otherwise a text-heavy document needed to be formatted in an accessible design.  


As project lead for Blue Marble Creative, Lisa oversaw the development of the report's design and production. The look and feel was developed to align to the WDLC's recently revamped brand identity. Color was used throughout to separate sections of content and visual devices such as icons, rules, and shading were used to call attention to key elements of information. Data was formatted into eye-catching information graphics for an at-a-glance understanding of the research. The report was formatted for both print and digital distribution.