Once you know how to communicate your value in a way that gets your prospects' attention…

…what do you SAY next?

The Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap will help you with that.


The Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap gives you a framework for developing your marketing content you can provide the right kind of information at the right time to gently, helpfully lead a potential customer to a purchase decision.

With this roadmap you’ll…

  • Understand what your prospective customer is thinking and feeling at each step of the buying process.

  • Learn what sort of information will be most helpful to gracefully, naturally move prospects into the next stage.

  • Get a list of guiding questions to help you create stage-appropriate content so you can give your prospect value without overwhelm.

  • Know what sorts of marketing materials to have on hand at each stage so you can meet your soon-to-be customer wherever they are and gently nurture the relationship—without being icky, fake-y, or sales-y.

The Buyer’s Journey Content Roadmap will help you help your customer to make a decision they feel good about. (And that will have you feeling good, too.)

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