Sales-smart Website Workshop

Write and build a high-converting website that works to generates confidence, clients, and cash.


— Starts June 26, 2019 —


Fast-action bonus – 1-hour private session with Lisa: available until 12pm EST June 14


In 3 weeks, have a high-converting website that will enable your prospective customers to:

… book a call …
… buy a service …
… enroll in a course …
… sign-up for your email list …
… register for an event …
… or whatever is the specific next step that you’d like them to take.

Following a specific structure for high-converting landing pages and with full support from copy to launch, you can create a beautiful, streamlined website in weeks instead of months.

No more getting sidelined by shiny objects or swallowed up by tech rabbit holes. You’re going to have a website that works FOR you instead of you working for it.

The Sales-smart Website Workshop brings copy & design together into a complete do-it-together program.

No piecing things together from different sources creating a lot of stalls and false-starts.

You’re gonna get it all with one teacher who knows how to blend the verbal and visual messaging components together.


Workshop Schedule & Format

Kick off: week of June 17 – workshop prep & pre-party

Live Session #1: Wednesday, June 26, 11am–1pm EST – 2 hour (Write / Design & Build Training)

Live Session #2: Friday, June 28, 11am–12:30pm EST – 90 min (Q&A / Hot Seats)

Live Session #3: Wednesday, July 3, 11am–12:30pm EST – 90 min (Launch Training / Q&A / Hot Seats)

All sessions will be conducted on Zoom using video and screen share.

All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t make it live, you can watch the replay inside your workshop area.

  • Three sessions over the course of two weeks enable us to pack it in and move quickly toward completion while momentum is high and ideas are fresh.

  • With two of those sessions Hot Seat style, you’ll get professional feedback & live editing on your content and design.

  • The intentionally small class size ensures I can give you solid hands-on support.

Ongoing support during the workshop and beyond

To make sure everyone has a chance to ask questions and get the help they need, I’ll be providing additional support between sessions inside a private Facebook Group. All grumblings about Facebook aside, it’s a great place for us to come together, learn from each other, and get feedback.

Website platform

The Sales-smart Website is built using Squarespace. Easier to learn and quicker to implement than WordPress, Squarespace offers hosting, back-ups, and software updates for a single, affordable subscription fee.

Plus, as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer and Circle Member, I’m able to give you my 20% discount on your first year with Squarespace.

Shortly after you sign up for the workshop, you’ll be sent an invitation to your own Squarespace website with a template I’ve pre-selected and prepared for you (don’t worry, this template is HIGHLY customizable so it’s not going to look like everyone else’s).

After 14+ years of building websites on many different platforms including WordPress, I exclusively build on Squarespace now for a wide variety of reasons. If you’d like an in-depth comparison between WordPress and Squarespace, you can read more here.


One of the things I really love about Lisa is she is multiple things in one. She knows marketing, design, and the technology that runs behind the scenes. She was a sounding board to me as I was contemplating changes and built confidence my decisions were the right ones.



Compared to how hard doing my marketing was before we did the message development vs. after, it was like night and day.




Enrollment ends: June 16, 2019
Workshop begins: June 19, 2019

With the Sales-smart Website Workshop you’ll get…

  • A proven formula for the words and content organization for a high-converting website

  • Templates, cheatsheets, and swipe files to make the writing and design easier

  • Hands-on, real-time professional support with copywriting, design, and website back-end through three live training sessions

  • A fully set-up website pre-installed with a highly customizable template

  • Access to additional support between sessions and afterwards via the private Facebook group

  • 20% off the first year of your subscription with Squarespace (subscription includes hosting, security, back-ups, and regular software updates)

  • Training on how to extend your site with additional content sections, pages, or functionality as your business evolves over time


- OR -

Two payments of $265 USD each

Fast-action bonus – 1-hour private session with Lisa: available until 12pm EST June 14

Enrollment Ends: June 17
Workshop Starts: June 26